Dining Out Night

Friday 20th April 2018 – 7:30pm

The Dining Out Night is back!

Latest News: This event is now sold out!

Your hosts, Teresa and Guy, would like to welcome you to another of their Dining Out Night experiences. Why not enjoy an opportunity to join friends for an evening of good food and enjoyable chatter, all in the lovely surroundings of our village hall.

Following on from the previous and very successful Dining Out Night, the next planned evening has a distinct French feel to the menu. You have various menu options for a main course and desert, and a bar available for sales of drinks as required, including the option to purchase wine by the bottle for your table.


Dining Out Night Menu

Main Courses

Coq au Vin
Salmon Mornay
Mushroom Bourguignon (V)

All served with vegetables


Maple and Pecan Croissant Pudding
French Fruit Tart

If you wish to join us please complete the form below, indicating total number of guests and number per menu choice. The price per person is £12.50 and Doors open from 7pm

Please contact Sharon Ferguson (Tel: 01362 850134) for further details.